The Keyword Academy Reviewed – Part 2

Back in early 2009 I wrote a review about a system called The Keyword Academy and what I thought about it. I want to take a chance to update everyone on the system and how things are going with it. Read my original Keyword Academy Review in a new window to get caught up first.

A lot of things have changed in the make money online world recently. With changes at the search engines, what people are searching for and especially with Google changing the way that people see and find their results, more people are realizing that you can’t just create a site, throw a ton of links at it and get anywhere. You will end up in the sandbox, or deindexed if you try that. Plus, what ever happened to the days of creating content that was so BOLDED and juiced up with your keywords? Those days are gone too.

More people that are wanting to build a sustainable income with internet marketing are realizing that you need to provide quality content and you need links to that content in order to gain in the search engine rankings. It really is pretty much that simple – good content + links = success.

While success may take longer depending upon what niche you are working in, one thing is for certain, The Keyword Academy is still a great bargain and method for making an income online.

When Court and Mark first opened The Keyword Academy, it was mostly just some simple tools and methods to use to find keywords, run them through a formula on your spreadsheets and then register domains and write content. There were several problems with that method, however it worked. First, the amount of spreadsheets that I ended up with began to overwhelm me. Having purchased numerous domains, I began writing content. The next problem arose in where was I to publish things for links back to my sites? Hubpages and Squidoo were good places along with other Web 2.0 properties, including article directories.

However this most recent update to the Google index has shown that some of the links aren’t as powerful as in content links from related and relevant blogs and other sites.

So, in the last couple of years since my original review of The Keyword Academy, I can still honestly say that I highly recommend it. Not just from a standpoint of I use it, but the services that are offered through their membership are well worth it alone. When you look around and what other places are charging on a monthly basis for you to do what is offered in TKA, you will agree that it is worth the monthly fee.

So, what do you get with your membership? Well, first off you will be able to read and follow the first 100 days timeline. This ebook series will walk you through the steps that you should be following, such as finding keywords, using the automated Niche Refinery to find the best paying keywords with the least competition, purchasing a relevant domain name, setting up your wordpress install, writing articles and then getting backlinks in the proper amount and at the right time.

That is just for beginners!

You throw in a forum that is full of helpful members and support that is top notch and you can’t go wrong. Oh, also you don’t have to worry so much like I did with all of the spreadsheets to keep track of the sites and system timelines, they also have a tool that will help you with keeping track of your domains, primary keywords and related keywords. If you need some motivation to keep yourself accountable, you can also keep track of your writing goals and how your sites are doing.

There is so much to write about, but I can’t let all of the secrets out of the bag. I can say that my income has gone from around $50 per month to over $1,000 per month by following their method. Sure, it takes some time and work, however if someone tells you that you are going to become rich overnight with internet marketing, they are lying. Nothing comes easy without some work on your part.

So to sum it up, basically with the resources that you have when you join the Keyword Academy, you will learn how internet marketing works, learn to find good quality keywords and phrases that people are searching for with little competition, how to purchase a domain and hosting, configure your sites for proper search engine rankings, write content, use the provided tools for getting backlinks and keeping track of it all!

There are always new challenges coming up to the members to help get you motivated to publish more content and plenty of help when you get stuck or if you don’t know anything about a particular topic.

You can still try it out for the first month for only $1. If you don’t like it or find that it isn’t right for you, just cancel your membership. You keep all the domains and everything that you have purchased. The only thing you won’t have access to anymore is the support and tools.

Is it worth a shot for $1? I think so! I will also back it up with my own guarantee that if you aren’t happy with it after the first 30 days of signing up and cancel your membership, send me a message through my contact form with your TKA member name and when you joined and canceled and I will send you your $1 via paypal!

What are you waiting for! Sign up for The Keyword Academy now!